<simpleError in is(obj, "ore.frame"): could not find function "is">


I am a novice in R programming. I am having a challenge on resolving the error:

<simpleError in is(obj, "ore.frame"): could not find function "is">

Here's the code used:

diffSquares <- function(a1 = c(), a2 = c()) {
  if (length(a1) == 0 || length(a2) == 0) {
    stop("Both arguments must have a length of at least one.")
  sumSquares <- sum(a1^2)
  squareSum <- (sum(a2))^2
  return(abs(sumSquares - squareSum))

Does it have something to do with Oracle?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @snoopy! Welcome!

I can't see any way for that code to produce the error you describe, so I think it will help if you can explain more about exactly what you're doing. You might start by taking a look at our FAQ: Tips for writing R-related questions.

The best way for you to get help is to turn your question into a reproducible example. That way, you and your helpers can be sure you're all looking at the same thing!

Thanks, @jcblum! The code comes from a tutorial module, so I believe the error doesn't pertain to the codes but more on the issues in installation of packages or configuring a database probably.

In that case, can you please include the code you've used to connect to the database (obviously filter out any sensitive information like passwords, etc).

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