Simple use of Purr path

R learner but used to different languages

How would I convert the following loop to a map loop

Regions <- c("Cheshire","Derbyshire")

for (x in Regions){


Simplest would be:

regions <- c('Cheshire', 'Derbyshire')
map(regions, ProcessList, 'ABC')

Thanks but how is x passed to the ProcessList

ie in original the definition of ProcessList would be
ProcessList <- function(region,sVal)
So with the map function how is region being passed ?


map(regions, ProcessList, 'ABC')



Thanks and sorry for being so dumb but how do I get .x

If I try the following :-

ProcessList<- function(region,sVal){
path <- paste0(region,sVal)

ProcessAllLists <- function(AllRegions){


I get an error

Error in paste0(region, sVal) : object '.x' not found
Called from: paste0(region, sVal)

the .x syntax is enabled by the tilde symbol ~

Missed that sorry

Works great thanks everyone

All works fine unless I use a single element in the list then I get

Error in -map(AllRegions, ~ProcessList(.x, "df1")) :
invalid argument to unary operator

For additional support please provide a reprex of your issue

Sorted it thanks for all your help

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