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I'm taking an introductory lecture in R and have to do a quiz and i'm unsure about two true or false statements.

-You cannot save data in R

-Every prespecified function is part of a package

Thank you for you help!

Google is your friend

R Statistics saving data in R

What do you think?

Ambiguous question. Without knowing what the author considers a package it is difficult to answer.

Thank you!
Okay you obviusly can save data in R :slight_smile:
Yeah the second question is ambigous, I dont have further information to this question. I would have said the statement is true, what would you say?

I'd say it depends on the definition of base R. If we consider it as a "package" then YES, if it is not, then NO. I suspect the real answer is much subtler than that but we would need a ruling from a member of the R Core Team and I do not know if any of them are on this forum.

yes, base is a package.
if you run


you will see a list of base functions and right up top :

Information on package ‘base’

Duh, why did I not think of that?


While I fully agree with what @nirgrahamuk stated (because it is true), it is still an ambiguous question.
If packages are "defined/introduced" by the lecturer of the course as set of functions that extend R basic functionality, as I sometimes have read (or something similar anyway), then, of course, a student should check "FALSE" in the exam/questionnaire form, no matter what the true is.

That's why I hate so much TRUE/FALSE statements most of the time (or why I am so bad with them).

Have a nice day.

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