simple new SNIPPET not showing up in Rstudio console

I defined this simple example snippet
in Rstudio Tools/Global Options/Code/Edit Snippets:
(with Enable Code Snippets checked)

snippet pipe
one tab to indent line here.. `r paste(" %>%\n")`

After I type:
it does not show up as a snippet
in my Console.

I carefully checked my syntax
when defining the example snippet " pipe "
(including the initial tab
and the 2 backticks around the 2nd line).
And I did save it!.

But it just does not show up as a snippet
in my Rstudio!.
(what am I missing?).

All the other Rstudio std snippets (lib, etc)
do show up normally when invoked from the Rstudio Console....
but not this one :frowning:

Could someone pls help?...thanks!

San Francisco
R 3.5.1 - Rstudio 1.1.463 - Ubuntu Linux

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