simple bash commands "not found" in terminal window

I want to use the command "more" to page through a document, but am getting error messages with that command, and others, in the terminal window of Rstudio:

$ more Analyses/WAsince940.html
bash: more: command not found

$ man -k more
bash: man: command not found

$ help more
bash: help: no help topics match `more'.  Try `help help' or `man -k more' or `info more'.

$ man -k more
bash: man: command not found

I'm not how to interpret these errors. Does this mean I have a problem with my bash installation?



The Terminal window in RStudio uses 'Git Bash' by default. This is a very limited bash terminal which mainly functions to use command line Git. You can go to 'Tools --> Global Options --> Terminal' to change the default type of terminal to any other that you have on your system.

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Thanks! A bit more digging for Git Bash turned up this. And the less command works.

Still, it's odd that the error help prompt would suggest to use more -k if the more command doesn't exist in Git Bash.

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