Simba SSL Error

I can use some help understanding the following intermittent error we get w/ an R/shiny app deployed to rs-connect from RStudioPro.

The calling code (which usually works) is

RAW <-
    dbGetQuery(imp_connect, "SELECT * from XXXX.XXXXX")

imp_connect is the connection object and correctly formatted. The ocassional error is:

Warning: Error in .verify.JDBC.result: Unable to retrieve JDBC result set for SELECT * from XXXX.XXXXX ([Simba]ImpalaJDBCDriver ERROR processing query/statement. Error Code: Connection has been shutdown: Connection
reset, SQL state: HY000, Query: SELECT * from XXXX.XXXXX.)

Any suggestions or referrals are quite welcome.

Hey @Bill_Rowe!! Welcome to the community!!

It's not 100% clear to me exactly where this issue is occurring, but it's possible that you could reach out to Simba / whomever manages your Impala instance (or the vendor who provided it) for assistance!

If I were to guess, it seems an awful lot like the Connect instance does not trust the SSL certificate used for connection. However, for it to be intermittent suggests that that is almost certainly not the case :frowning: Are you intermittently seeing this issue on RSP, RSC, or both? Do you have any thoughts on how frequently the issue crops up? Or how the Shiny application is configured?

I have seen issues with apps that have MinProcesses >= 1 because the database connection can be left open for a very long time. It would be good to get a sense for whether that is the issue or not.

One other thing - while we do not support this JDBC driver, RStudio does have Professional ODBC drivers that can be used for free with our professional product stack. It may be worth switching this over to use the odbc package and the RStudio Pro Drivers, and then you would be covered under our support agreement for the professional drivers!

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