Signif() function

Does anybody knows why signif() when n > 7 digits the value returned is always the same? According to R, we can request from 1 to 22 significant digits but I am finding that is not the case.

Weird. I have no idea why that happens, but formatC() should work in its place.

Try formatC(3422333.23233, digits = 10, format = "g")

Is this happening only in RStudio and not in R? If not, it's probably not a problem with the IDE itself, and, thus, you can move this to #general! :+1:

Thanks a lot! I will try that. Yes, I am puzzled too.

Mara: I am only using RStudio. I have not tried in R but I will give it a try.

If you're using RStudio, you're using R — RStudio is just an IDE on top of the R language. (On of my favourite figures from Modern Dive, below, illustrates it well in their What are R and RStudio? section).

But, yes, do try it out in base R (which has its own IDE of sorts as well that will be on your computer) — the logos, below, might help as a visual reference for you.

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