Showing code in shiny_prerendered (context="server")


Over the past few months, we've started using shiny and in Rmarkdown at my teaching organization to wonderful effect. As our documents have grown more complex, we've switched over to shiny_prerendered to keep loading times down, which has also worked great. One challenge has arisen:

We've been unable to figure out how to make our source code display (i.e., ECHO=true) for any chunks with context="server". It works fine for "render", and even for "setup" and "data", but our source code doesn't appear for anything "server".

My understanding of shiny's architecture is still developing, but I can understand broadly why this might be the case. Is there any way around it? How can we get "server" contexts to render in our Rmarkdown output?


Any idea if this is possible?

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