Show in New Window not working

Hi! I recently installed RStudio 2022.12.0+353 with R version 4.2.2.

When I try to use the "Show in New Window" button, no content appears in the popped-out window. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks for any advice!

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I am experiencing same and will be happy to see the solution and or a work around. This only started happening after installing RStudio-2022.12.0-353. And when working in quarto in new window, it is either extremely slow or will not work.

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Same problem here. show in new window renders blank after update to 353. I'm on a Mac.

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This will be fixed in the upcoming 2023.12.1 patch.

Issue: Data and help view popout windows not showing · Issue #14097 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub
Fix: fix showing help in separate window by gtritchie · Pull Request #14104 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub