Should We Upgrade to R 4.4.1 or Stick with 4.4.0?

Hello Community,

Our team is planning to roll out an upgrade for R across all our systems. We are currently using an older version and are debating whether to upgrade to R 4.4.0 or the latest 4.4.1.

From a stability, performance, and security perspective, is it more advantageous to go directly to 4.4.1?

Thank you!

See all the changes here: R: R News

Very few changes that would potentially affect users, so unless you are affected by those bugs, I think it is not worth updating.

Doesn't seem like we'd be affected by those bugs, we are mainly tackling (CVE-2024-27322).

Does the 4.4.1 version address it? I found the following blog that mentions 4.4.0 but not the 4.4.1.

Thank you for your help!

Sure, R version numbers are pretty linear, whatever is included in R 4.4.0 is also included in R 4.4.1 and all later versions. (Unless they deliberately change it later of course, but they are not going to "unfix" a bug.)

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