shortening gsub calculation

hello! we are writing a script with sub to remove a comma to a school submission. when we compile report the gsub code we used Showa all the lines it removed with comma witch is tens of thousands. so I was wondering if there was a way to show the gsub code in my compiled report without all the calculations?

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There isn't much to go on to help you. I am not sure I follow the issue you're having Can you provide a small reprex of what you're doing?

Assuming you're in an R Markdown document - You mention this is in a report a few times so my best guess is you're in an R Markdown report, and the report is showing the full text string result of your gsub. One way to handle that is to assign that to a new object. That is, string <- gsub(...) instead of gsub(...). You also might consider changing the chunk options

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