Shorten time between two server queries


I need to shorten the time between two server requests. Each time it takes about 2 seconds. It is too long.
For example, I have an app that lets you add numericInput. You have to wait two seconds between each addition. I see that it is an imposed delay because when I press the add button several times, the server records my clicks and gives me the number of inputs corresponding to the click. Only this is done roughly after the two seconds.

It seems that my problem is queuing too long.

We don't have enough information to directly address your issue.
You could investigate profiling shiny apps (use of profvis etc.) to understand timing issues; you might also think about making a reprex for your problem.


Oh I can give more precisions.
Fist of all, thank you for your answer.

The issue comes only with GoogleChrome. On Safari it's perfect, no queuing.
The issue is about the xhr_send.

You can test by your self on my website

Okay guys. I just figure it out... You will never believe the reason !

The delay time is due to the display of the Google Chrome dev box.
When the Google Chrome Developer Tools is not displayed, there is no delay!!

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