Shortcuts (pipe) stopped working suddenly and have unintended functions instead

Hello community,

I happen to work really intensily in RStudio these days, but now my very needed shortcuts suddenly stopped working as intended. Especially the pipe (ctrl+shft+M) and the assign (alt+-) gave up. Even worse: they do something, but it's unclear what. The Alt+- instead of just placing the <- where the cursor is it adds it to another script. The pipe shortcut does nothing as it seems. Both are assigned correctly in the preferences. Assigning the shortcuts to other combinations does nothing but transfer the problem to the new shortcut.

I did not install additional software, nor did I update any. I don't have an AMD graphics cars, as suggested while researching this problem.

I even took a leap of faith to do the unthinkable and restarted R and the computer. The problem persits.

Many thanks

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