Shortcuts for Multicursor selection

Hi Community!
I have been searching this shortcut for a while.

Do you know what is the shortcut for Multicursor selection?

In Visual Studio Code, you can add additional cursors to all occurrences of the current selection with Ctrl+Shift+L.


Is this what you mean?
Hold downAlt+ click + drag the cursor across multiple lines.

Or "Rename in scope" ?

Thanks!! But in my case, I want to select numbers and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M seems to not work with values.
In the example below, I want to select all "15000" numbers or "7".

annotate("text",x=7,y=-15000,face = "bold")+
annotate("text",x=-7,y=-15000,face = "bold")+
annotate("text",x=-7,y=15000,face = "bold")+
annotate("text",x=7,y=15000,face = "bold")

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