shortcut Assigment operator


I have just updated Rstudio (2022.12.0) (Windows 11)
The shorcut ALT + - for Assigment operator (<-) doesn't work with the key "6" (french keyboard).
It's ok with the key "-" on the number pad of my keyboard, but on my laptop (14'' without number pad) it's a problem !

thank's for your help


when you go to
Tools > Keyboard Shortcuts Help
could you please confirm if you see the below screen

Yes, I confirm that

I have exactly the same problem. I can no longer do an assignment with the Alt+6 command on my laptop keyboard with the new version of RStudio nor zoom out the screen.

Hello, same issue here, happened with the last update of Rstudio. I can use alt + - on the numeric pad, but the alt + - on the '6' key no longer works. I tried to change it in the keyboard shortcuts, by specifically typing "alt + -" using the '6' key and it did not change anything.

I have windows 10 and a French language keyboard (AZERTY).

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