Shortcut Alt+- (6 key) on french azerty keyboard doesn't work.

By default the "Insert Assignement Operator" <- is linked to the shortcut Alt+-

On a french Azerty keyboard the minus sign is on the 6 key (6 is done using shift+- ion fact on this kind of keyboard) or there is also one on the numpad.

But it doesn't work with the minus sign on the 6 key !
It only does with a numpad minus sign.
Unfortunately on a laptop you often don't have a numpad ...

(edit) I also checked with a Qwerty keyboard and it works properly with the minus sign above the P letter.
So I guess this is a problem with the azerty keyboard only.

I tried reassign the shortcut with the minus on the 6 key explicitly but it doesn't work either.
My only alternative is to use another shortcut like alt+shift+6 for instance, but this is not a solution as it changes the default behaviour and my workflow if I change for another workstation.

(edit 2) I'm on RStudio Server Pro Version 1.4.1106-5

(edit 3) In fact I found that to make this works we had to create the shortcut Alt+6 instead ...
This makes Alt+- works on an azerty keyboard but this disables the Alt+- on on the numpad ...

Does anyone thinks of a solution to have something consistent accross different kinds of keyboards ?

(edit4) linked to github issue : Assignment operator shortcut not working · Issue #2486 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub

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FYI linked to github issues :

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