shinyWidgets pickerInput width issue

I am using shinyWidgets pickerInput within a flexdashboard sidebar. My issue is that when the options in the pickerInput are too wide they get cut off within the width of the sidebar which makes it so you cannot read the options, see which are selected, or see the deselect all button. Is there a way to have the pickerInput dropdown overflow off of the sidebar and onto the body of the page?

As an intermediate solution I have found that you can use:

choicesOpt = list(
      content = stringr::str_trunc(sort(unique(COLUMN_NAME)), width = 25))

To truncate the text in the pickerInput so that you are able to see which options are selected and all of the buttons but you are still not able to read each option fully.

Resolved here - r - shinyWidgets pickerInput width issue overflow off sidebar - Stack Overflow

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