shinytest with dashboard

I am trying to set up shinytest with an app that uses shinydashboard.
How can I switch to a specific tabItem? The recorder doesn' change anything it only records the sidepanel modifications but doesn't actually change the view...
i.e. the only command I found is app$setInputs(sidebarItemExpanded = "name")
I guess, I am looking for something like tabsetPanel, only for shinydashboard.
Could you please guide me the correct doc?

Just to follow-up on this, there's an issue being worked on now in shinytest's github related to this problem.

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This wasn't very obvious before, but sidebarMenu() needs an id in order for shinytest to record any click events on the sidebar. We've made this a little more clear in the documentation --

Hopefully that helps with your use case?

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