Shinytest error (renderUI)


I want to use shinytest in an app but I get this error:

Running mytest.R Error in session_makeRequest(self, private, endpoint, data, params, headers) :
Unable to find input binding for element with id OrganismLifestage

This error appears when I test the inputs related with renderUI()/htmlOutput()

I can not find out how to solve this, I only tried adding Sys.sleep() in the test.R file but it does not work

Thank you!

Are you using shinydashboard by any chance?

Otherwise, can you provide a minimal reproducible example of the problem?

No, I am not using shiny dashboard...



Can you tell us what OrganismLifestage corresponds to in your code? I assume it's some sort of input, but more details would be helpful.

Just to close this, I realized that in some cases I had the same outputId and inputId and that was a problem. Also, I had forgotten to add the Id to the navbarPage.

Everything works fine now.

Thank you!

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