metrics - how to get number of unique users


I have some apps on for which I need to regularly report a number of users.

I am using showMetrics function but not sure how to make it give me what I need (total amount of users per given period, e.g. a month).

df <- rsconnect::showMetrics("container_status",

I understand that the 'number of connections' should refer to number of computers (people) connecting to my app. If I query the function with 1s interval, it seems to show me how many users were connected every second, is that right? According to documentation, the interval is 'Summarization interval. Data points at intervals less then this will be grouped.' So if I sum up all the connections, I would overestimate the number of users, as it doesn't count unique users but second people were connected.

On the other hand, when I change interval to 1 day ('1d'), the connections are fractions (e.g. 2.44) which from what I read comes from the fact that they are somehow averaged, not summed per day.

All in all, I don't know how to get a sensible number of users, any idea...?

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