grey screen and disconnects timing

I am trying to figure out which settings I need to change to allow my users to have longer idle times before timeout.

Reading closes connections as end users close their browsers or are idle for longer than the Idle Timeout.

I think "Idle Timeout" should be "Read Timeout" or "Connection Timeout" but I am not sure. What is the difference between these two?

From the shinyapps docs, Application, Advanced Settings, Connection Timeout
The Connection Timeout is the seconds of inactivity before a browser connection to a Worker process is considered to be idle, and is closed. The higher the timeout, the longer that an inactive connection from your end user’s browser will continue to be considered active. Read Timeout
The Read Timeout is the seconds of browser-to-Worker inactivity after which the connection is considered to be idle and is closed. Set this value to 0 for non-interactive applications, e.g. a dashboard. The difference between this setting and the Connection Timeout setting is that the Read Timeout setting allows you to extend the time before a connection is considered idle if the end user is not interacting with the application, but the server is sending data down to the client. One example of such an application is a dashboard that refreshes itself on a regular basis with little to no interaction from the end user. Startup Timeout
This setting is the number of seconds that an instance will wait for a Worker to start. Increase this number if you load a lot of data or have a longer application startup time. The maximum is 300 seconds. Idle Timeout
This setting is the number of seconds before an idle worker process with no connections is shut down. The value must be between 5 and 60 seconds.


Seems like Connection Timeout is what I want. Thanks!