Deployment Strategy

Hello Everyone,

I have one app (a fixed UI and Server) with many different configurations of global.R. I need a deployment strategy that allows me to commit changes to a repository for the fixed portions of the app, and deploy them, using continuous integration.

app1 : ui, server, global.R (version 1)
app2 : ui, server, global.R (version 2)
app10 : ui, server, global.R (version 10)

The important part about this is that each version has custom (proprietary/private) packages called upon in global.R that includes data and recoding files for a survey or modeling project.

Now, what I would like to happen is that when I commit changes to UI/Server that all the apps get updated using a continuous integration service.

Everytime I make an update to the app, I don't want to have to manually adjust 10 other projects. Any thoughts or experiences here would be helpful. The documentation for using CI with is unfortunately rather limited.