deployment issues.


We have been investigating a service issue that started earlier today. We believe the particular issue only affects shiny applications that use system packages - so applications that do not use system packages should be working correctly.

We will update our status page ( as we have additional information.


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Earlier today the CRAN Ubuntu apt repo became corrupt due to a hardware failure of the maintainer. CRAN then sync'd the repo, which caused Release.gpg to disappear, and CRAN's repo to become corrupt. This caused the failures seen when deploying to for applications that caused system dependencies to be installed.

The repositories appear to have been repaired and sync's have taken place and we have successfully tested deploying an application that had been failing. We will continue to monitor to ensure that everything has fully recovered and will discuss steps that we can take to insulate ourselves, our users and customers from such issues in the future.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this caused.


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