shinyapps deply error

I can not deply the app on and I'm getting this error:

> rlang::last_trace(drop = FALSE)
Error in `GET()`:
! <*******/logs/>
  failed with HTTP status 404
Not Found
  1. └─rsconnect::deployApp(...)
  2.   └─client$waitForTask(taskId, quiet)
  3.     └─rsconnect::taskLog(taskId, authInfo$name, authInfo$server, output = "stderr")
  4.       ├─base::cat(client$getTaskLogs(taskId), file = conn)
  5.       └─client$getTaskLogs(taskId)
  6.         └─rsconnect:::GET(service, authInfo, path)
  7.           └─rsconnect:::httpRequest(...)
  8.             └─rsconnect:::handleResponse(httpResponse, error_call = error_call)
  9.               └─rsconnect (local) reportError(unlist(json$error))
 10.                 └─cli::cli_abort(...)
 11.                   └─rlang::abort(...)

Take a look at this related thread. Seems like they had a similar issue and a solution.

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Thanks for the information, I also came to this post, but nevertheless it is not the solution. We are trying to update an existing app and looking at the profile in shinyapps the app does exist and can be accessed.

Interesting - I'm not sure if you are in an organization / enterprise context but this thread may also be of interest. Otherwise this is a tricky diagnosis.

Thank you very much for the cooperation.

As in issue Error in `GET()` when deploy the app on · Issue #1020 · rstudio/rsconnect · GitHub

They discovered that a change to started returning a 404 for some task-log requests when previously it would return an empty result.

Right now there is a person who is working on solving this problem, according to the reply I was given.


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