Shinyapp to wordpress?

Hello everyone,
My question is about a Plugin Which I want to move on WordPress.
I know there are many plugins available in the market.
But how to find the best one? Which Plugin give me more benefit?
If any one having suggestion so please share it.
Thanks for your advice.

Sorry, I didn't specify my choice of plugin.
The plugin which I want is about donation and their are already has a WordPress donation plugins available.
Is this possible those work which I maintain in Shinyapp that I'll move it to WordPress and add plugin into website?

Not sure that this is possible because this app is not designed to work with WordPress from the very beginning.
But I cannot be sure since there are many peculiarities that I do not know about this system. WordPress is flexible enough to be adopted by new platforms and integrated into new platforms. So, you better ask someone from WordPress Ecommerce & WooCommerce - Prosvit.Design. I contact them whenever I need a more complex WordPress project than I can make myself. I would say that there is nothing connected to this system that they don’t know.