ShinyApp To Solicit Volunteers


I am trying to develop a ShinyApp to solicit volunteers.

We have around 1.029 points that represent campsites in our study area. We are hoping that volunteers will be able to view the ShinyApp and click on the points to sign-up to monitor those sites. I am not even sure that this is possible? My initial thought was that volunteers could edit a field in the data, but I am not sure if they are able to select more than one point to make this edit?

If you have any examples of what I am trying to do that would be great. I have searched but have yet to find anything. Also, if I am not clear about what I want or am trying to accomplish please let me know.


You might want to create a google form/odk form (i use kobotoolbox) instead of a shiny app.

I have little experience with google forms but making a form that asks the volunteer's name and letting them select (and search) multiple items from a list should be easy.

You can then automated downloading the reponses via api or manually via their webpage.

It appears you have a number of aspects that need considering in your shiny app.

  1. Persistent Data storage in Shiny Apps (see Dean Attali's tutorial with this aspect. The tutorial will show you how to store data collected from a shiny app into a database.
  2. The campsites may require an interactive map (see the leaflet package.
  3. To modify your user interface, you may consider using these Shiny Extensions. The GitHub repository has several shiny extensions including UI Components, Theming and other topics.

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