Shinyapp not running some apps / Again (shinyapps problem)

An app it's not running, it keeps on the "Please wait"
Already tried to Restarted it or start instance

When I hit Restart it shows this message

"deploying: Starting instances
Error: Unhandled Exception: Timeout while connecting"

This happened months ago, was a problem on the shinyapps side.
Not my code since I gave access to my users to the dev version which is running.

I get various error messages too when trying to deploy to on different points in the deployment process. A additional one (adding to the one listed by you) is Timeout was reached: [] Connection timed out after 10002 milliseconds

I finally have it running, but I'm worried it might happen again
Also, it is not shown in the shinyapps dashboard... it's reunning, but cannot see it

Did it work for you already?

Question, do you have a big file in your folders that might be taking time to upload ?