not saving input data

I have set up a shiny survey on Shinyapps_io. Prior to doing that I tested my survey and debugged it to the point that it runs without errors and, offline saves the data that I input when I run the app through R studio.
However, I realised late that after I uploaded it on, it does not save the data when users fill the questionnaire online. I have already lost a lot of data for what is a very important questionnaire for the local county. Please does any one have an explanation of what the error could be. I checked the log of but there is nothing that makes sense. When I download the app package and try it offline again I saves the data in the designated CSV file but it does not do it on Really would like to sort out this issue this weekend as next week is the last week of the survey . Please help!

Take a look to this article that explains how persistent storage works for shiny apps deployed on


Many thanks for the quick reply. Reviewing it now and will get back to you to let you know how it goes

Thanks that seems to have worked. Appreciate it

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