Error: Paths should be to files within the project directory

Im running a market basket analysis and deploying app to when i run the app locally all works find but when i deploy the message targets the path shown below at the my data line with the following error: "Paths should be to files within the project directory" I have the r code and data in the directory and I'm lost at what this correction could be any help appreciated

mydata  <- read_excel("F:/computer files/saving MB data all ID with loans_combine.xlsx") doesn't have access to your f: so rewrite your paths to be relative to your working directory

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Thanks for the suggestion--so the good news is the error is gone however when I deploy i get this error message but where do I find the log files
ERROR: An error has occurred. Check your logs or contact the app author for clarification.

new directory used that canceled first path error
mydata <- read_excel("C:/GKVPR MB/saving MB data all ID with loans_combine.xlsx")

You can use the rsconnect::showLogs() function to show the log messages of a deployed application

This is also an absolute path, that wouldn't exist o
You can not anticipate knowing the drives on their computer systems. Do time absolute paths, use relative paths. I'm sure you can google around the topic.

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