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Please accept my question as i'm a beginner in R and shiny apps also. frankly this question is without a trial but i just needed your opinions about what i'm trying is doable or not. I Need to build a shiny app in my work. we have multiple stores and branches and i need to track inventory in my dealers stores. Can i build a shiny app for my dealers to input their stock items with Quantity and all other dimensions in an input form with shiny. the application will store these values at sql database for me to view all daily average stocks and sales movements for all items. Do you recommend to do that with R Shiny instead of learning PHP from scratch and HTML. I thought to invest in R better than learning all these tools.

Shiny sounds like a good tool for your dealer store inventory tracker. If you haven't already seen it, the shiny gallery has a bunch of examples that might inspire you.

You can use shiny to build a webform (Mimicking a Google Form with a Shiny app), but relative to other options it may be more complex than it's worth.

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I would highly recommend learning r and shiny for this task as it is so flexible and there are a lot of great tutorials. I have a PoC scaffolding tool that you might find useful as a starting point

I would be very interested in learning about other approaches in this space too

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