shinyapp does not render plot - shiny version 1.3.0

The markdown document below does not render the plot. The country selector appears, but selecting an item, nothing happens.

Worked right with R 3.5.2 before updating all packages to actual versions. The same behavior also with R 3.5.3 new installation - tested under windows 7 and under linux debian stretch.

I revealed it: the problem described depends on shiny version - version 1.3.0 has it, lower version work properly (tested with shiny 1.2.0)


title: "test-shiny"
runtime: shiny
output: html_document

```{r, echo=FALSE}
  ui <- fluidPage(
    selectInput("region", "Region:", 
                choices = colnames(WorldPhones)),
    plotOutput("phonePlot", height=270)
  server <- function(input, output) {
    output$phonePlot <- renderPlot({
              ylab = "Number of Telephones", xlab = "Year")
  options = list(height = 345)

@woec Thank you! I can repro the issue. **Investigating

Thank you for the report! We have a fix in code review and will release a patch release with this and other fixes in the near future.

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