ShinyApp Deployment Error in value[[3L]](cond) :

I have a shiny app divided into a ui.R, server.R and global.R files. The app works perfectly locally, yet at the time of deployment, the app is deployed with an error with an empty message.

I've received this same type of message before in previous attempts. However, usually after the "Error in value 3L ( cond ) :" I had a brief description of the error, while in this case, I have no clue of what the error is about.
I've already revised the logs of the app at and I have the same message.

Any idea on where could be the error and/or how to solve it?
Thank you in advance,
Josep R.C.

I read somewhere this can happen if your app needs particular data that has not been uploaded successfully. Maybe review that, I.e what data you use and where it sits, and how it's referenced.

The app only uses two datasets and both are in a directory reachable from the project's root directory where the main shiny files are located.

Maybe one idea to try, is to copy the project folder to a new local location, and verify it can run from there in a clean session?

Aside from that, you might try to build the app up from smaller elements, deploying partial app as you go to try and identify the problem. Something like

  1. app which is nothing but your libraries and a blank ui
  2. same as 1 but also loads data
  3. same as 2 but also has ui (but no server)