Shiny works... some of the time

Quick post here, trying to figure out what's going on. I have a account on the Standard Plan. Usually in the past, I've been able to upload even a data-intensive application and it loads and works just fine. However, over the last couple of months, new apps like this load only part of the time. Largely I have tried:

All seem to have the same issue. It will load on mobile most of the time. However, desktop is probably about half the time. The screen will load, the application will load, but the app will never complete the process of the initial data load (which takes like 10 seconds usually). The logs show... well, nothing. There is no clue in the logs what is actually going down. Anyone face a similar issue or have an idea what might be happening? I'm working on Rversion 4.1 and all of the packages are up to date. Only development version package currently in use is highcharter and I am using the proxy function quite a bit in this one. Also using leafletProxy, so not sure if these proxy statements are doing it? Or is it something with newer versions of shiny? Is it the way shinyapps allocates workers to the back half of the URL? I'm just at a loss. I'll have to go docker/AWS with my apps if I can't work through this issue.