Shiny works only within LAN computers


I setup everything and I deployed my shiny app hosted on my server.
The main problem is that I am able to connect to my app with another computer or smartphone only if I am connected to the same LAN, otherwise the app is unreachable.
Need I to setup a firewall or a specific port ? I can't understand where the problem could be!

This is not actually related to Shiny but to your network configuration, if you want to have remote access to a port in your server you need to configure port forwarding in your router to redirect incoming traffic on that port towards your server.

Thanks for answering.
I am trying to solve the problem but it seems not easy since I am using a University router and I can not access to it.
Is there a way to check to which server port the router redirect traffic by default instead of redirect it to a specific port?

This is a little bit out of topic for this place, since has nothing to do with R, so I'm not going to get into much detail with this but routers do not redirect traffic by default, that service has to de configured by the network administrator.

I recommend you to talk with your IT department since most likely there is nothing you can do at user level to configure this yourself.

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