Shiny window blank in RStudio, runs well in browser after 2022.12.0 update

When I start fresh RStudio and run a Shiny app, it works correctly in a pop-up window. However, after closing and opening the app a few times the pop-up window is greyed out and I can only run the app if I click "Open in browser". The problem persists until I restart RStudio. It started happening after 2022.12.0 update.

Some other people reported it on Stack Overflow, so I'm not alone with this. Could not find this issue here, but perhaps it is a question of wording.

Using RStudio 2022.12.0 build 353 on Mac OS Ventura 13.1. Shiny 1.7.4, R 4.2.2.

I don't think the above workaround is a related issue to this one.

Can you run with debug logging enabled and post your rdesktop.log? It can be enabled by setting the RS_LOG_LEVEL environment variable to DEBUG or launching RStudio with the argument --log-level=DEBUG.

Also, what is output to the console pane when opening and closing the Shiny app?

@tmok, I uploaded my rdesktop.log file to GitHub Gist.

Here is what I did. I started RStudio with --log-level=DEBUG and then did the following:

  • open the Shiny app (opens in the window successfully)
  • create a syntax error and open the app, it crashes (I noticed that this triggers the blank window mode)
  • fix the error and open the app again - this time there is a blank window

You can see in the log that the first new-window event is followed by frame-created, while the last new-window (blank pane) is not. There are no error messages, but I leave it to you to interpret the log.

As for the console pane, the output is the same, regardless whether the Shiny window is blank or not:

> runApp('shiny/edger')

Listening on

Just to reiterate: when the app window is blank, I can still click "open in browser" and use it. The app is running, the app window does not display it.

@MarekGierlinski Thank you for raising this and the investigation! I filed the problem in the RStudio repository as issue 12649. I tagged both you and @tmok so that we can continue there and that you can get updates and notifications.


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