Shiny user login/logout against a remote API?

Hi friends :wave:

I'm somewhat new to Shiny and trying to figure out if there's an already built solution for doing user login/logout where the authentication is against a remote REST API within my organization. That is, a user clicks Login in the upper right or elsewhere, a modal comes up, then on the server side the username and password are sent to a remote REST API and response comes back and is used to do the rest of the flow based on the response. After login, the login button goes away and there is a logout button.

I am aware of shinyauthr, discussed in this forum at least here and probably elsewhere, BUT AFAICT it only supports doing the auth against a table like source, e.g, .local data.frame, or database.

One solution is I could fork shinyauthr and make changes, but I'd love to use something that's already built.

I'm also aware of GitHub - Tychobra/polished: Authentication and Administration for Shiny apps but AFAICT it only does auth against their own cloud solution.

Thanks for any tips!

{shinymanager} allows passing custom functions for authentication:

Furthermore, please check this related SO thread:

Thanks, I've seen that package, but didn't think it would work, but I'll take another look at it.

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