shiny ui editor with R how to start


i am new in programming. i am having problem in opening shiny ui editor and running any template apps. So i was on the github website. i have cloned all the code from there which can be now seen in my visual studios. So whenever i try to run it in my visual studios, it gives me the error "local host : 3000 and website is not reachable". On their website it says to start with it. We need

  • shinyuieditor :: launch_editor(app_loc = "new-app/")
    But is it not already in the zip file from github which consists all the code already? I just wanted to run the zip file on my visual studios which i have already cloned and have all the code already in visual studios but it is not working. But if I have to make a launch editor app_loc then where do I write this command and also further commands?
    as i am very new in this field thats why I am very confused please hep me out. i have the code from here: GitHub - rstudio/shinyuieditor: A GUI for laying out a Shiny application that generates clean and human-readable UI code.

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