Shiny: two conditional selectizeInputs that depend on each other


I am trying to build a bare-bones Shiny version of this interactive map from 538:

For starters, I am using selectizeInput to pick the states that go into the electoral votes calculation. The critical parts of the selection process:

  1. state selections need to be mutually exclusive (i.e. if Florida is selected Republican, it cannot be selected again as Democrat)

  2. User can go back and undo a prior selection, but leave the rest of the selections in place (e.g. select Florida under republican first, then move it to Democrat to see how the EV calculation changes. Perhaps move it back to Republican again, if needed).

Here is my best effort at that app:

I think I have somewhat solved requirement # 1. But I am very lost with requirement # 2. In my draft app, I can successfully pick Republican states that are an exclusive subset/remainder of the Democrat states. However, if I try to go back and redo the democrat list, it clears out the republican selections and the dynamic plot gets destroyed.

Any help would be much appreciated!

My code so far:


# Section 0: Global

# Read data for primary table
primary_table <- read_csv("") %>% 
  select(state, EV, Biden_poll, Biden_vote, Poll_error) 

# Section 1: UI
ui <- dashboardPage(
  dashboardHeader(title = "US Election 2020", titleWidth = 250),
  dashboardSidebar(width = 250,
                     menuItem("Interactive Table", icon = icon("table"))
  ), # closes dashboardSidebar
        title = "Select State as Democrat/Biden",
        selectizeInput(inputId = "dem_selection",
                       label   = "Select State as Democrat/Biden",
                       choices = primary_table$state,
                       multiple = TRUE,
                       selected = c("New York", "California"))
      ), # closes box (Dem selection)
        title = "Select State as Republican/Trump",
        selectizeInput(inputId = "rep_selection",
                       label   = "Select State as Republican/Trump",
                       choices = NULL,
                       multiple = TRUE
      ), # closes box (Rep selection)
      box(splitLayout(cellWidths = c("75%", "25%"),
      ), width = 12 # closes splitlayout
      ) # closes box

# Section 2: Server
server <- function(input, output, session) {
  output$primary_table <- DT::renderDataTable({
              options = list(
                autoWidth = FALSE, scrollX = TRUE))
                         choices = primary_table %>% filter(!state %in% input$dem_selection) %>% pull(state)
  win <- 270L
  output$EV_chart <- renderPlot({
    EV_chart <- primary_table %>%
      select(state, EV) %>%
      mutate(outcome = case_when(state %in% input$dem_selection ~ "Dem",
                                 state %in% input$rep_selection ~ "Rep",
                                 TRUE                  ~ NA_character_)) %>%
      na.omit() %>%
      group_by(outcome) %>%
      summarize(EV_total = sum(EV), .groups="drop") %>%
      ggplot(aes(x=outcome, y=EV_total, fill = outcome)) +
      geom_col() +
      scale_fill_manual(values = c("Dem" = "blue", "Rep" = "red")) +
      labs(title = "Electoral Votes",
           x     = "Electoral Votes by Party",
           y     = "Electoral Votes") +
      geom_hline(yintercept = win, size=1) +
      theme_bw() +
      theme(legend.position = "none") +
      geom_text(aes(y=win, label = win, vjust = 0))
shinyApp(ui, server)

It's not a final solution but an idea (and not sure if this works)
You could split the output part into a (reactive) table and the plot.
From the table you can select all the states that are not decided yet (NA), as undecided states, from this you can generate the list that goes to the selection

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