Shiny traces are from bizarro world

Howdy folks,

I'm having an interesting issue with shiny (both when executed from R studio on Windows and Shiny server in Linux): it floods the log files with stack for most INFO messages, but no stack is printed for any ERROR.

Can anybody give me a hint where to start? As far as I can see, the devs have not configured this at all and these cannot be the defaults.

INFO [2021-10-04 14:01:24] mutate_at() is superseded

Compact call stack:
1 runApp()
2 app.R#932: .......
3 code.R#8: tryCatchLog::tryCatchLog({
................. (4 lines later)
8 code1.R#946: data.frame() %>% ................. %>% dplyr

Full call stack:
1 runApp()
............ (94 lines later)
96 withOneRestart(expr, restarts[[1]])
97 doWithOneRestart(return(expr), restart)
98 signalCondition(x)

ERROR message

, sheet_i = sheet, :
Expecting numeric in AO246 / R246C41: got a date
Warning in read_fun(path = enc2native(normalizePath(path)), sheet_i = sheet, :
Expecting numeric in AP246 / R246C42: got a date
mutate_all() ignored the following grouping variables:
Columns c1, c2
Use mutate_at(df, vars(-group_cols()), myoperation) to silence the message.
Warning: Error in if: missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
1: runApp

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