shiny::testServer and renderUI content that depends on a bslib theme and bslib::bs_dependency_defer

Hi RStudio community,

Is there a method to set the theme context inside shiny::testServer so the renderUI's do not return the sass_bundle() related error? I have not seen anything in the shiny/bslib documentation on this and session$setCurrentTheme inside the testServer does not seem to work as expected at first glance

Below the server module that would be tested using shiny::testServer

exampleServer <- function(id, settings) {
    shiny::moduleServer(id, function(input, output, session) {
        ns <- session$ns

        # Create the interface
        output$exampleTab <- shiny::renderUI({
                id = ns("tabContent")

where tabContentUI is a custom function that uses

 # load css

The above works as expected in (for example) a fluidPage context where a theme is set, but I am not sure there is a way to test the exampleTab renderUI using shiny::testServer if it depends on a bslib theme context?

Appreciate any help

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