shiny static resources are not found


Im trying to deploy a shiny + plotly app and the problem is it works perfectly in RStudio, but not in IRKernel (its a JupyterHub add-on).

As I see, there are static resources that browser requests and are served by RStudio, but not by Jupyter.

For example,


I cant see whats wrong with my R / shiny / plotly + Jupyter installation.

It would be good to know how shiny knows the resource name that actually belongs to another package (plotly), so it could help me to resolve the problem.

There is no plotly-binding-4.8.0 in the filesystem, plotly only.


Hi @Maaaah, does IRKernel support rendering of shiny apps in general? If so, can you share the notebook source code?

Honestly I dont know if it supports and I doubt this is even appliccable - the idea is I run Shiny server in place by calling shinyApp() function, so the dashboard must be rendered by the browser requesting in-place server URL and IRKernel doesnt even participate...

Let me rephrase the question.

Say, I have shiny installed in RStudio.

Then I install plotly package that contains plotly.js.

When I request /plotly-binding-4.8.0/plotly.js from browser its served by the server.

The questions are:

  1. How the server knows there is a new package with static plotly.js that must be served.
  2. How the server assigns /plotly-binding-4.8.0/plotly.js path to the resource - looking at the filesystem tree there is no folder named /plotly-binding-4.8.0, so it invents the path somehow...

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