Shiny server to serve both shiny apps and rmarkdown files

I am running the open source version of shiny-server v1.5.7.907 on Centos 7 and would like to know if my install is working correctly. When I type in the IP:3838 I get the welcome screen and the shiny app works and the rmarkdown doc works. Additionally, when I type in IP:3838/sample-apps/hello/ I get the sample app. I also added an app.R file in a folder called /test and that one works as well.

I also read shiny can server .Rmd files, so I created an index.Rmd file in /srv/shiny-server and it shows that file when I type in IP:3838.

Now the problem is, with that index.Rmd file there, none of my shiny apps work. IP:3838/test/ stops working and IP:3838/sample-apps/hello/ stops working. They just show "Not Found". the log file shows shiny server is trying to connect to ports other than 3838.

So, should I be able to have an index.Rmd file in /srv/shiny-server and still host app.R files in different folders?