Shiny server suddenly resulting in 500 error for all apps/Rmds

I've had a shiny server deployed since 2015, and have never had any issues with it.

A few weeks ago all of a sudden it started returning a 500 page for any app in it.

I checked them logs, and any shiny app that I try to access has this in its log:

Warning: Error in mfunc: attempt to apply non-function
  1: runApp

Any Rmd file that I try to access has

Warning: Error in mfunc: attempt to apply non-function
  1: rmarkdown::run

I tried creating a blank Rmd and a blank shiny app, then restarting the machine and then restarting the shiny-server. Still resulting in a 500 errors. Does anyone have experience with this or know what can be causing this?

Updating packages seems to have fixed a similar problem.

Turns out it was sort of the opposite of updating packages.

{bslib} v0.4.0 (which is the latest CRAN version) is what caused the issue. When I install bslib 0.3.0 my shiny server works. When I install bslib 0.4.0 the entire server breaks.

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