Shiny Server: 'shiny' user does not have permissions to run as :HOME_USER:

I'm trying to set up a shiny server locally. I want to use the user_dirs option and have created a simple shiny-server.conf that is exactly like the one in the documentation. However, every time I try to start the systemd service, I get an error (that I can't find mentioned anywhere else when searching):

The user 'shiny' does not have permissions to run applications as one of the users in ':HOME_USER:'. Please restart shiny...

The manual says that shiny-server will run as root by default but will run as 'shiny' if running as root isn't needed. I'm wondering whether it is somehow getting started as 'shiny' instead of root?

As further evidence of this, I tried starting shiny-server directly (as root) by running /usr/bin/shiny-server and it worked fine, which makes me think that it is trying to run as 'shiny' instead of root when starting using systectl.

Any ideas of how to get this working correctly? I'm running this on Arch Linux.

Actually, it looks like a packaging issue on Arch. The package maintainer seems to have included a .service file that differs from the one included with shiny-server, and it specifies that shiny-server should be started with user=shiny. So I should be able to modify this service file to get this to work.

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