Shiny-Server port and redirect

I have a shiny-server running on port 3840. The way I've configured it was by going on the shiny-server.conf file and set the server to watch port 3840. I also added the options(shiny.port = 3840) to my script.
Parallel to that I have a vuejs app running on port 8080.

The idea is that the shiny website appears as a container inside of one of the vuejs website pages. This should be a no brainer as they both run on different ports.

However, when I type localhost:3840, I'm redirected to localhost/app_name and the app isn't shown as the vuejs app is running on localhost.
I've checked the nginx configuration files but there's nothing there doing this redirect, so I assume that this is related to how shiny-server works.

Is this a known behaviour or am I missing something here?

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