Shiny server from RHEL 7

Hello Rstudio community !
I would like to install Shiny server as my understanding is that it is the only way for me to publish (internally to my company) shiny apps for other users to use without the need for them to use R itself.

I went onto but it appears that the only rpm versions available are fairly old (as far as RHEL is concerned) ie rhel-5.9 and rhel-6.3.
Admin won't install either on our rhel-7 as they consider it is not rhel-7 ready.

My question is:
Could you release a rhel-7 version of shiny server for users to install ?

Anyway thank you very much for all the wonderful tools that Rstudio already provide to the community.
Kind regards

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Not sure how this got missed. Apologies for the delay! This is definitely something worth looking into.

Good let me know when the rpms is updated