shiny server error during startup


I have a ui.R, server.R, global.R file. I am using RStudio 2021.09.1 Build 372 to run the following command
App starts and RStuido browser opens and closes. I tried to access ip address through chrome browser, UI shows up but no data present below logs seen in console
Running application in test mode.
Warning in memory.limit(size = 10000) :
cannot decrease memory limit: ignored

Listening on
Warning: Error in new_quosure: env must be an environment
Error in new_quosure(expr, env = env) :
env must be an environment
Not sure where do I need to set environment or which package expects environment. Any help appreciated.

Update : After careful debugging found that below code when enabled throws above exception

 output$highlight_selector <- renderUI(
  numericInput("highlight", "Highlight degree of depth on select:", 1, min = 1, max = 100),
  verbatimTextOutput("type the number of degree of depth here")

Not sure what causes to throw env error..most of the block on the code is static text.

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