Shiny server doesn't recognize apps written in Quarto

I just installed Shiny server on a machine and it works great with Shiny apps in the server.R/ui.R format. However, some users of the server prefer writing Shiny apps in Quarto and I can't figure how to make Shiny server recognize these apps.

The server is set up so that each user can publish apps by creating a folder in ~/ShinyApps/, but putting the .qmd file in a folder in said directory doesn't work.

Any pointers?

This functionality appear not to be supported by shiny-server. However, it is able to server apps written in Quarto if you render them locally and upload both the .qmd and html files to the server per Recognize qmd extension as quarto by jcheng5 · Pull Request #531 · rstudio/shiny-server · GitHub.

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