Shiny runs locally but not on


I've built a shiny app, and it works perfectly on my local machine. However, when I deploy it to, it stops working. Currently, I'm using the free plan. Page:
"An error has occured \n This application failed to start. \n exit status 1" Logs:
"2022-10-20T02:34:40.424386+00:00 shinyapps: Container event from container-7306970: start
2022-10-20T03:02:20.428880+00:00 shinyapps: Container event from container-7306970: stop"

sessionInfo() in my local machine:


You are not providing enough information for us to be able to help you, are those your full app's logs? It seems you are omitting quite a bit, also, Can you show the code of your app?

Thanks for your reply!

These are the full app's logs. I also think it's strange that there are no more Logs: as it seems the server didn't even load the packages!

Unfortunately, because this isn't my code, I can't share it. But I understand your frustration and will work on a minimal reproducible example.

When you deploy your app, do you get any warning message about rsconnect not being able to parse your file? I have seen encoding related issues lately because it seems runners have EN_US.UTF-8 locale only.

No warning messages at all.