Shiny related errors when consolidating data in phenoptr Reports

I would like to analyze the data of multiple immunostaining images using the R package "phenoptr Reports "and "phenoptr".
I installed them according to the site below.

phenoptrReports Instructions for Download and Installation

Several fanction were added to Addins.
However, when I ran "Consolidate and summarize" in Addine, I got the following error.

> phenoptrReports:::addin_20_consolidate()
 要求されたパッケージ shiny をロード中です 
Warning:  パッケージ ‘shiny’ はバージョン 4.1.1 の R の下で造られました 

Listening on
Reading "Merge_cell_seg_data". 
Data is already in microns, no conversion performed                            
Warning: Error in split_phenotype_column: No positive phenotypes found.
  3: shiny::runApp
  2: shiny::runGadget
  1: phenoptrReports:::addin_20_consolidate

I'm new to R and don't know the solution.
Could you please tell me what to do? :disappointed:

I had a similar issue.
Did you do the merging using inForm or did you do it using R addins merge?

Thank you for responding to my topic. :blush:

Today, I was finally able to resolve my error.
In my case, it was because I didn't put a "+" after the antigen name when making a list of Phenotypes in inForm Phenotyping.

:o: "CD4+" or "CD8+"
:x: "CD4" or "CD8"

Sometimes I merge with Inform, but sometimes I merge some ”Marge cell seg files” created from multiple projects with R.

For details, I found the following video, so please take a look if you like.

I hope you find something useful.

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